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My name is Elena Weipert, I am german living in Berlin.

I was born in 1995 and have finished my communication design bachelor in 2020 at the Folkwang UdK in Essen. I started drawing at a very young age and sticked to it. My work is often influenced by other art disciplines like dance, music and fashion. I'm also a big fan of speculative fiction! Especially when they question social norms, imagine environmental futures or focus on alternative lifeforms which don’t mess up their planet and society.

Creative Experience

2020-now   Freelance Illustrator

2016-2020  Folkwang UdK, Essen

                   Nominee for the Folkwang price, 2019

                   Illustrationworkshop by Gosia Machon

                   Workshop »Sprache und Identität« by Sonja Knecht

                   Illustrationworkshop by Lea Wegner aka Slinga 

                   Orgateam for the yearly exhibition, 2018&2019

                   Student representative 2017-2019

2016           KRASS, Volunteer, creative classes for children

2015-2016  Alanus Werkhaus, Portfolio course, Alfter by Bonn

2015           FIT, life drawing class, NYC

2014           Parsons, ​portfolio redefined workshop, NYC

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